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''pioneering the search for sustainable flooring solutions and zero waste."

Founded in 1880, Sommer Needlepunch in France is internationally renowned for unbeatable quality and professionalism. Sommer Needlepunch produces non-woven needlepunch carpets and flooring for exhibitions and events, construction and renovation, residential, and sports hall floor protection.

As part of the De Saedeleir Textile Group since 2004, Sommer Needlepunch has quickly grown to become the European leader in textile floor coverings for exhibitions and events.


With our unrivalled experience and technical know-how, we’ve been able to create and supply flooring products to additional markets including sports hall floor protection and the construction and renovation industries in recent years.

Thanks to continual developments and innovations in the production of our textile flooring, Sommer Needlepunch are genuine pioneers in the search for sustainable production processes and flooring solutions. As part of our aim to hit zero waste production for future events and exhibitions, we have successfully recycled used event carpets developed from unusable waste, and put them to work in
new uses and applications.

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Sommer Needlepunch

341 Rue de la Mairie

59780 Baisieux


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