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''More than 120 years of experience in innovative and ecological textile solutions."

De Saedeleir Textile Group (DSTG) is a family-owned business, established in the 19th century. With more than 120 years of experience, we design, develop and produce a wide range of innovative and ecological textile solutions for a wide variety of clients. What began in the early 20th century as a small business specializing in the collection and recycling of industrial waste materials including metals, rags and textiles, steadily developed into a globally-renowned manufacturer of needlepunched non-wovens.


Our history in a nutshell:

Late 19th century

Damiaan De Saedeleir, founding father of De Saedeleir Textile Group, starts trading as a small entrepreneur in the waste collection business. He collects, sorts and trades in rags and metals.

Early 20th century

Damiaan’s sons Pascal and Florent take over their father’s business and specialise in pulling the collected textiles and selling the raw fibres to textile companies in Flanders. The group now operates out of three locations in the village of Lebbeke.

Mid 20th century

Soon after World War II, DSTG begins to concentrate on collecting textile waste and regenerated fibres due to a shortage of raw materials. A third
generation of De Saedeleir brothers enter the business as Leo and Jean help their father to expand the company, before assuming control.

Late 20th century

The company is now growing at a rapid rate. The three locations in Lebbeke are now too small to cope, so DSTG moves to a 200,000m² industrial site in the nearby city of Dendermonde. Here they begin the production of polypropylene and polyester fibres, a European first at that time. DSTG is now aiming for global expansion under the new and dynamic management of the fourth generation of the family: Patrick, Pascal, Dirk and Kris De Saedeleir.


Early 21st century

DSTG expands globally by taking ownership of French textile company Sommer Needlepunch, which becomes an important part of the group. This takeover expands the product range significantly, enabling DSTG to explore new markets. Further growth follows with the launch of sales and service offices in the UK (Sommer Flooring Ltd), US (Sommer Flooring Inc), the Netherlands and Belgium (Cover Flooring NL/BE), while DS Fibras is launched in Mexico to serve the local automotive market.

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