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''Sustainability is – and always will be – the key driver behind all of our innovations"

As a family-owned group, DSTG firmly believes that we can only be successful when we put full respect for human, environmental and natural concerns at the centre of all that we do. Sustainability is – and always will be – the key driver behind all of our entrepreneurial innovations. The global quest for sustainability is transforming markets right now, which means companies such as ours need to be flexible and proactive to change the way they think about their products, the technologies and processes they use, and their business models.

That’s why we continue to build on our long-established tradition as an innovative, reliable and eco-responsible partner to all our customers and suppliers, sustainably producing synthetic fibres, technical nonwovens and carpets for global markets. We fully believe there’s no alternative to sustainable development in the future, and we engage ourselves to be a changemaker in the carpet and flooring industry.


Responsible business practices are essential to achieving transformational change. We’re convinced that a successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as declared by the United Nations will strengthen our company to continue our development. With this in mind, we’ve adopted 4 of these goals in our company’s vision.

  • Decent work and economic growth : With respect to people, planet and the environment,  we will continue to grow our business in a profitable but sustainable way.

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure : Our open mind and creative spirit will continue to enable us to offer new solutions and opportunities to change the market.

  • Good health, well-being and equality : We acknowledge the value of every human in our company and attach great importance to everyone’s personal development, comfort, initiatives and well-being.

  • Partnerships, working together toward the goals: We aim for long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. We encourage dialogue between all players in our business: clients, suppliers, employees, research institutes, education and the government.


We strongly believe that together we can achieve more!

Our vision is yearly assessed by Ecovadis and by GRS rules.

Both certificates can be downloaded:

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