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''Going from bottle to fibre to create high quality automotive interior trim solutions."

DS Fibres was founded in Belgium in 1984, originally as a vertically-integrated polypropylene production site for the Dam De Saedeleir company.

In 1988, less than four years later, DS Fibres became one of the first companies in the world to introduce the dope-dyed polyester fibre. This innovation marked the beginning of a very successful period for DS as the fibre rapidly became a commonly-used material in the automotive industry.

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Today, DS Fibres is a well-known and much-respected partner to many high-profile European automotive brands, and is renowned for its high quality, impeccable service and its speciality: colored fibres.

As a business-to-business company, DS Fibres prides itself on close collaboration with customers and clients, and continually works towards the developmental concept of a truly sustainable and highly effective "automobile of the future". To this end, DS Fibres have been actively producing polyester fibres from recycled materials since 2002, and launched an organic-based PLA fibre at the same time.

Traditionally, we have successfully served the automotive and textile industries, focusing on carpets, nonwovens and spinning. However, we are open to any form of collaboration with other industries in order to pursue new developments.

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