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''Taking our long tradition of textile fibres to the world – and respecting our planet."

DS Fibras was founded in Mexico in 2017 as an international sister factory to DS Fibres in Belgium. As a business-to-business company, DS Fibras answers the need to produce and serve locally dyed and recycled polyester fibres as a part of our overarching goal to help develop a sustainable, high-performance "automobile of the future".

Located in Aguascalientes in Mexico, DS Fibras are right in the centre of the American automotive industry. Thanks to our local presence, we’ve managed to improve our response times through quicker deliveries, lower transport costs and tailor-made textile fibre creations that answer local needs to the same high level standards for which we are already so well known.


DS Fibras are well aware of today’s environmental and sustainability challenges. We are ISO certified and built our factory according to our global Corporate Social Responsibility policy, working at all times with due respect for our planet and the environment.

Want to know more?

DS Fibras De Mexico SA

Parque Finsa AV Lomelin Lote 7

Aguascalientes AG 20393


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