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exhibition & event

''All our exhibition carpets and tiles are eco-designed and recyclable: respect for the environment has always been in our DNA!"

Real-life experiences have the power to engage and shape your memories more than anything else. Meeting people to buy, sell, inspire or simply have fun together has never been more important. By creating the right atmosphere at your events, you can inspire people and help them connect with your brand.

We love being a vital part of this process! You only have one chance to make a strong first impression, and that’s exactly what you do when you roll out the red carpet at your events or exhibitions.

Exhibition & Event

At DSTG we develop and produce carpets for exhibitions and events in any color, dimension or quality depending on your needs, to create the ultimate finishing touch. In the dynamic exhibition and events industry, flexibility, quality and sustainability are key. Our state-of-the-art research, development and production teams are always looking into the newest trends and solutions to both cover and go beyond those needs. By using the newest production technologies, all our exhibition carpets and floor tiles are eco-designed and recyclable.

We care for our planet: respect for the environment has always been in our DNA!

Recently our expo-and event carpets were Cradle to Cradle certified® Bronze

EXPOCARE is a group of C2C certified fully recyclable expo and event carpets with a proven track record of over 10 years. Expostyle, Expoline, Expoluxe, and Expocord are well known in the market for their wearability, dimensional stability, and easy fitting. We offer a wide choice of colors and width’s in flat, ribbed, or velours in this collection. Expoline and Expocord are the only ribbed products with a C2C certificate. Recycling these products reduces the CO2-emission by 50%. Please find a list of EXPOCARE-recyclers on our Sommer website.

Further info on best recycling practices can be found on our Youtube channel.

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