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''cover flooring is specialised in installing and selling floor covering solutions for exhibitions & events since 1988."

At Cover Flooring NL, we know that the cherry on the cake of every great event is unique floor covering that blows everyone’s socks off!
But that’s something that can only be achieved with the right combination of skill and experience and, with more than 30 years of experience in event and exhibition flooring, Cover Flooring NL are the team to make it happen.

We’re constantly looking to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation when it comes to eye-catching and stylish floor coverings, so that visitors to your event or exhibition get to experience the benefit. Collaboration with our clients is an important part of the development process, so that we can understand exactly what you need, providing you with a bespoke, tailor-made service.

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Cover Flooring NL are a key part of our international family, where our high-standards and values align for the benefit of the customer. That way, you get the benefit of a dynamic, efficient and professional team that is eager to work with you on your event and exhibition flooring project.


Your satisfaction and your needs are our primary concern, while we pride ourselves in being able to give your event the boost it needs to take it to the next level. Totally innovative, sustainable and flexible, with an experienced team and high-quality products.
We've got you covered!

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Cover Flooring NL

Vijzelweg 20

8243 PM Lelystad

The Netherlands

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